1.  I make it a point to have something current and fresh from God to share daily.

2.  I discipline my mouth and take responsibility for what comes out of it.

3.  My future is bright and secure.  Money comes to me now!  I have a chain of material possessions to delight my soul!  I never have to worry about finances again!

4.  I walk in the perfect will of God because I hear from him and follow His instructions.

5.  My confidence is in Christ, not in how well I can perform.  God, break the cycle!

6.  I don’t procrastinate.

7.  I put my confidence and trust in God and Him alone!

8.  I accept what God gives me and I am happy with my life.

9.  I do everything I can to live in peace.

10.  I excel in giving.

11.  I mix encouragement with correction.

12.  When I feel overly anxious to settle something, I let it rest for 24 hours, at least.  I don’t act foolishly, I ask God for wisdom.

13.  I enjoy everything I do to the fullest extent.

14.  I always pray, not procrastinating, but doing it right then, with a thankful heart.

15.  I am not held in bondage due to a wrong way of thinking.

16.  I line my thoughts up with the Word of God.


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